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Dec 10, 2012 9:00am EST
a-m on coming p... pp...poo sensation, psy is &papologizing today... for a rant against the u-s. u-s.wwat he said about ourr &ptroops... and whyy're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)))- [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios; it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it, that you actually get it. when you can see blades of artificial grass in their full glory, you get it. or the first time you download a two-hour movie in two minutes, you get it. because once you've got it, you get it. now you can get fios for an amazing price online, just $79.99 a month with a two year agreement. act now and you'll also get $300 back. hurry. this holiday deal ends soon. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities go to at 800-974-6006 tty/v. once you've got it, you get it. ((ad lib meetorologist)) coming up... the best beer of the season. what you need to know... beeore your next holiday party. 3nats nats pnd singer adele is being fined... over the birth of her baby.the offense... that could cost her nearll 2-th
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am EST
the association and the u-s en - maritime aaliance... which represents shippinn companies to expireeone minute past set mooey.manageeent wants to reeuce "connainnr rooalties." if a ddal isn'ttreachhe... a strike ould stop ll container traffic at the port. (7:08) the port of baatimore pi one of maryland's largest eceonice gerneeators so any type of work action thaa may result in a suspension orrstoppage of work wouud have an adverse effe. organizations have urged president obama to order an 80 day cooling oof eriod but right now there is no that directionnlosing the ports to a shutdown.. even for a few days.. could cost the 3conomy billions f dollars..- a high-stakes meeting wwll be held in washington today.... between preeident obama and top congressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an eeonomy goes overrthe e u-- so-called "fiscal cliff." that's when automatic tax increases aad spending cuts would taae effect. democrats want tooextend the bush-era tax cuts to everyyne except those americans makinn 250- thousand dollars or more &pyear. but many rrpubllccns remain
Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
favorite entries and send them to the u-s geologicaa could take tth federal agency up to 9 montts to choose a winner. enterr. gg to our plash orning. happy new year... to folks in new zealand! peaaand!at 6 ooclock this morring... whiih was mmdnight tteir time... residents rang in the newwyear witt firreorks and music.throughout the day... many more countrres will be welcomiig in 2013 with unique celebrations. hugh hefner is hugh hefner is just hours away... frrmmtying the knot. the playboy boss was supppsed to marry his fiance crystal harris last yearr.. but he called it offfjust days beforee keepinggthe new year's eve ts &puu...diapers don't get in the &pway of one toddder's snooboarding kills.what his chances at thee2014 olympics. and in our hometown hotspot... ptart your new yearroff right! &pthe daa-after brunch... to cure even the worst of're watching fox 45 good day 3 ((break 1)) cure your hangover at breakfast.the b&o american brasserie is making the perfect morning after breakfast.breedan ddrr from joins us for this mornings - hometown hottpot.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3